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    Tillverkare: ZOLEO
    ZOLEO - the affordable accessory that extends your smartphone messaging coverage to everywhere on Earth and provides a safety system you can count on.
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    Ruggedly designed, location-aware and Iridium-based, the ZOLEO satellite communicator device will keep you connected and secure when venturing beyond mobile coverage.

    Only ZOLEO provides global messaging coverage that follows users into the remote field and back. That’s because ZOLEO transmits messages via the Iridium satellite network, cellular and Wi-Fi, with automatic delivery over the lowest-cost network available. Plus ZOLEO provides users with a dedicated number and email address to share with their contacts, making it easy to send messages from a phone or tablet!

    When you’re beyond mobile coverage...
    Your ZOLEO device links with Zoleo's free app on your phone so you can send/receive messages anywhere on the planet via the Iridium satellite network.

    When you're within mobile coverage...
    Uniquely, the ZOLEO app seamlessly delivers messages over cellular and Wi-Fi. You'll always get the message, even if your ZOLEO satellite communicator device is turned off!

    Wherever you go, ZOLEO provides SOS alerting with 24/7 monitoring, check-in and weather forecasts. That’s added security and peace-of-mind for you, and for everyone waiting at home.Check-in: Send out a regular message to your designated contact to let them know you're OK, along with your GPS location.

    • Message from anywhere over satellite, cellular and Wi-Fi
    • Emergency SOS alerts monitored 24x7
    • Quick & easy check in to let others know you're ok
    • Share your GPS locations with others
    • Enjoy more value for your dollar versus other satellite communicators
    • EAN/UPC: 820712000002


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