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Summit to Eat offers a variety of meals, with breakfast, main courses and desserts. There are many benefits to their packages, and not least is the convenience. Not only do the meal bags mean that all you need to take with you is a small stove to heat the water, there is also less clutter as everything remains inside the package, ready to be thrown away when the meal is finished.

The meals themselves are much easier to store than regular food, due to their light nature and small size thanks to the freeze-drying process. Because Summit to Eat cooks the food before freeze-drying it, the meals have a much longer shelf life and will not spoil, which means that they maintain their delicious taste and freshness even when stored for a long time.

You do not have to worry about the weather either - you can heat your water anywhere, just put it in the freeze-dried package, and in 10 minutes you have the tasty and filling meal ready to eat!

If you are interested in buying Summit to Eat Freeze Dried Camping Food for your next trip, you can browse our products to see what suits you, and order today!

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